Stow's meta graphic novel/comic book series follows the adventures of HappyMan as he navigates his self-created universe on a quest to Worthy.

The first instalment is available for free download:

HappyMan Level 1.PDF (190 MB)

Happyman lvl 1.jpg

HappyMan Level 2

"HappyMan continues his journey to Worthy, as he learns to create his own universe, discovering new superpowers and upgrades along the way."

The second instalment has been made available for download for $1.


HappyMan Level 2.PDF 

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Pinkish Hue


HappyMan navigates to 4D via 2D medium in this noir-style sneak preview to HappyMan Level 3.

Pinkish Hue has been made available for download for $1.

Pinkish Hue (PDF)

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